About us

Welcome to The Mauro Ranch! Located in the scenic Cotopaxi, Colorado, we are a family-owned and operated cattle ranch. Since our establishment in 1995, we have blended family fun, traditional farming, and an appreciation for nature into our family-run business.

At The Mauro Ranch, we take immense pride in our land and our cattle. For over two decades, we've poured our heart and soul into this ranch, raising our cattle with care and respect, ensuring they are robust and healthy. 

Our mission at The Mauro Ranch has always been straightforward: to create an incredible experience for visitors, and nurture the breathtaking landscapes of our Cotopaxi home. To us, the ranch is a sanctuary; it's a cherished legacy and an integral part of our family's history that we're keen to pass on to future generations.

We hold fast to the values of hard work, honesty, and tradition, with a strong emphasis on sustainable practices and responsible land stewardship. These values guide our everyday activities and long-term decisions as we look forward to continually serving our community and preserving the rich ranching history of Colorado.

Come and experience The Mauro Ranch—a place where a family's dedication, the well-being of cattle, and a deep respect for the land come together. We warmly invite you to see the difference we make.